Raw Brass Bead Caps, Art Deco Vintage Style Unplated Cone Stars 9x8mm - 10 pcs. - F4147BC-UN10

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$ 2.00 


10 unplated, raw brass bead caps, 9x8mm, with a great Art Deco vintage style star design. Lead, nickel and cadmium free. Fits 8-10mm beads, especially wonderful on teardrop crystals or pearls.

Unplated brass can be sealed to retain their bright finish, allowed to naturally  age over time, or apply your own patina effects.

Available in a larger 25 piece order, as well as an antique brass finish and an antique bronze finish.

A choice of other unplated brass bead caps available.

A large selection of bead caps suitable for any design style is available in a wide array of sizes, styles, finishes and quantities.

(Headpin and acrylic flower bead in photo not included.)