Amber Rondelles, Czech Glass Light & Dark Brown Faceted Full Coat Picasso Beads 5x3mm - 25 pcs. - G6053-OBP25

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$ 2.95 


25 small Czech glass 5x3mm faceted amber, light and dark brown, opaque and transparent rondelle mix with a full coat picasso finish. These will add depth and textural interest to your designs. Great as a contrasting spacer or the main attraction.

A large selection of Czech glass faceted rondelles available.

A large selection of premium quality Czech glass beads are offered in a wide array of sizes, styles, beautiful colors and fantastic finishes.

Photos show a random sample of these bead strands. Due to the manner in which they are produced and pre-strung by the manufacturer, color combinations, opacity and finish may sometimes vary by bead and/or strand. Color display may also differ slightly based on individual monitor settings.

Photos are taken up close using macro photography to provide detail. This will cause the beads to appear larger than they are in some photos. There are some photos included that show scale, as well. Please always go by the size indicated in the description.

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