Acrylic Security Clutches, Clear Domed Plastic Earnuts 5x4mm - 50 pcs. - F4066EN-PL50

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$ 1.95 


50 domed clear plastic acrylic 5x4mm earring backs. Security backs are a  must have for anyone who makes earrings or just wears them. Haven't we all lost a favorite earring?

Versatile for a number of uses:

  • Prevent hook earrings from becoming lost
  • Provide a hypoallergenic back for post earrings
  • A secure back for posts too thin for traditional earnuts
  • Secure earrings to display cards at art fairs and sales

They are also a great, inexpensive way to provide your customers a value added bonus they'll appreciate.

A choice of other acrylic security backs available.

A selection of earnuts/clutches available in a choice of styles and finishes.

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